In the second of our interviews Textile Artist Brenda Fox tells us about her work, what inspires her, and what she enjoys most about her art.
I have always been interested in crafts and at the moment I most enjoy working with textiles.
I attended Camborne college for 2 years to experiment with mixed media. This included silk paper making, art, weaving and many more things.

I get my inspiration mainly from books and magazines.

My favourite piece is this picture which was one of my final pieces for college.
It combines three of the techniques that I learnt, being machine embroidery,felt and paper making.It is all designed and made on the paper. 

I really love creating from recycled and found objects, and cannot sit still for one minuite at home as I am thinking about the next project again!
I love being part of the Fourseven Collective at Heartlands with like-minded people who also enjoy their passions.