I am a highly dedicated professional artist, I work predominantly in ceramics using porcelain and stoneware clays. The Artworks that I have been producing recently centre around the use of organic forms as inspiration to develop pieces which are naturalistic, abstract, delicate and that which take elements of the past, using fragments of various disciplines and traditions throughout art history.

Zen has been a philosophy which has inspired me recently, particularly its involvement in the use of minimalism and classical naturalism as within the balancing of forms and space: such as the dynamic between the void: negative space, and the positive space, of the actual material form in the artwork.

Chinese and Japanese, contemporary and traditional artwork have also pushed through into the development of both the forms of my sculpture/artwork/jewellery. Particularly my interest in and the use of blue can be seen to reflect the presence of the willow pattern, itself evident throughout Western and Eastern ceramic evolution, forming a symbol of classicism against which and within which my work evolves.

Sea life has also been thrown into the mix, as it is almost impossible to escape the powerful beauty of Cornwall's direct relationship with the sea, and I have no wish to escape this inspiration. 

Equally the landscape of rural Cornwall fills my conciousness with a deep need to reflect upon the spirituality of nature. My emotional responses to this experience fuel my creativity.

The work most recently developed and on show is porcelain vases and teapots with birds, which has evolved from the zen aesthetic as touched upon above.These are the artworks shown in the images included.

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