I have been working with glass for about 15 years, learning the art of copper foiled (Tiffany) stained glass at an Adult Education class. Since then I have attended various weekend courses to learn new and different techniques and also about glass fusing.

I generally make panels to hang in windows and smaller Christmas tree decorations but also make a range of jewellery with buttons and fused dichroic glass.

One of my favourite pieces is the Rainbow Square which is made up of 54 different pieces of glass and nuggets. I love the movement of colour in this piece, and colour and texture is generally what inspires me in my work.

It always fascinates me to see how glass can change its colour and quality depending on the intensity and type of light coming through a window  at different times of the day and year.


I like to develop my work by adding different materials such as agate, fused dichroic glass, nuggets and shells.


I also enjoy acid etching and have recently developed the technique of adding images and patterns into glass.

The Cornish coastline and countryside is always inspirational as these small panels featuring a silhouette engine house show.

I love working with glass due to the fantastic range of colours and textures available and I still love the thrill of holding a finished piece of work into the window to see exactly what it looks like as the light shines through.

2/24/2013 04:20:03 am

Your work is lovely. Very imaginative with lovely rich jewel colours and using many additional glass techniques and including little non- glass objects - great. I do leaded glass, sometimes incorporating my own fused glass and other bits & pieces. But my hands are packing up now -so you have inspired me to have a go at foiling - smaller scale and easier to handle. . I never fancied it before because I didn't think foiled work would be durable enough for large scale windows/ doors or outdoors. Don't worry - I'm old and seldom do enough to want to sell anything - so I'm not competition! Loved your work when we saw it at Heartlands.
Regards, Tricia.

2/25/2013 09:42:43 pm

Hi Tricia, thank you so much for your lovely and very kind comments about my glassworks at Heartlands. It would be great for you to try some copper foiled work as I find it so much easier and more relaxing than lead work, particularly on your hands. It is fine for internal doors , hanging in windows and I have a piece in the garden which has been out in all weathers for several years and is still great! Best wishes, clare

Martin Wolstenholme
5/10/2013 01:34:13 am

Hi Clare, I bought one of your Mine Silhouette pieces last week on a visit to Heartlands. As an ex Crofty miner it really appealed to me in a way that other mining art doesn't. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your nice pieces. Top job!

Clare wainwright
5/10/2013 05:31:24 am

Thank you for your lovely comments and so glad you like my mine silhouettes especially as you were a miner! Hope it gives great pleasure.


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