At present I work mainly in glass, but it's nice to have a total change of materials and doodle on my sewing machine with thread.

Glass is such a wonderful material, that can be used in so many different ways. 

I do love a challenge and like to work 'big' when I can, using the glass with lead came and cement.   I use the Tiffany method (copper foiled and solder) for my smaller framed pieces.   I also fuse and form glass. 

I like to add decoration to the glass pieces with wire, etching and paint.   I hand paint or print images with enamels, oxides and silver stain, in the traditional way and hopefully bring in a contemporary slant with my designs.

My influences are many, from the glass skills and designs of Harry Clarke, the principles of Gaudi, Huntertwasser and their use of beautiful organic shapes, to the every day walks I have with the dogs along the coastal path. 

It never fails to produce a seed, the trouble is I cannot propagate them quick enough!

My work seems to evolve as I find new ways to make a mark or an impression on the glass or fabric, or when I have old and new materials to recycle.  The crock jewellery range came from finding pieces of china in the garden, while digging
and not being able to throw them away - every one a jewel!


Alan J Poole
04/15/2013 10:09am

A Curriculum Vitæ Please!

Dear Heather Frary,

My name is Alan J. Poole of ‘Dan Klein Associates’, promoters of contemporary glass, a business based in London, which I started with my late partner, Dan Klein. I am writing to ask if you could possibly send me a full and up to date curriculum vitæ of yourself (no matter how small or large) for our database of Glass Artists.

We are not dealers representing Artists as such, but merely promote contemporary glass as and however we can. Over the years this has included two large glass biennials in Venice, Italy, ‘Venezia Aperto Vetro’, '96 and '98, numerous shows here in London when we had a gallery, a large British glass exhibition which was held in January 2005, titled, ‘21st. Century British Glass’, at Daniel Katz Ltd., Old Bond Street, London and over the last few years, exhibitions here at Dan Klein Associates whilst the Crafts Council's international craft fair 'Co[]ect' is on in London. We have also written books on contemporary glass, the last of which was published by Mitchell Beazley in 2001, “Artists In Glass: Late Twentieth Century Masters In Glass”, (Please refer to our attached books for sale price list or go to our website www.dankleinglass.com for this and other glass titles).

We have written articles for both glass and art magazines, forwards for Artists exhibition catalogues, I have opened and or, judged exhibitions, occasionally undertake auctioning for charitable events and were both Directors of North Lands Creative Glass (N.L.C.G.), a glass/mixed media summer school in the north east of Scotland which we started in 1996, Website: www.northlandsglass.com . I produce a monthly group email news letter giving details of where and when British and Irish Contemporary Glass Artist/Makers are exhibiting their work and lastly, but by no means least, I am a collector of British & Irish Contemporary Glass.

Further to the above, would you please be so kind as to send me some information about yourself, preferably in the form of a c.v., along with your current postal address and contact details for our records. The c.v. should include the year and place born, (country/city), educational qualifications, apprenticeships or whether self taught. Exhibitions, public, museum and private collections that can be mentioned and any commissions of interest that you have undertaken.

This is for no other reason than to place your information on our text database of glass artists c.v. files, alongside those which we already hold of established and emerging Artists working in or on glass in this country and Ireland.

The database, which I have been compiling for many years now, contains text information on most British and Irish Glass Artists/Makers/Designers/Students (across all the glass techniques) whether they are in this country or abroad. Needless to say, when stating ‘British’ or ‘Irish’, this also includes Artists from other countries residing in Britain and Ireland and anyone who has had any form of glass education, or lived here over the years.

PS. If you would like to receive brochures from the North Lands summer school, outlining their masterclasses and annual weekend conference programme, please do let me know and I can arrange for your details to be placed on their mailing list.

I very much look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Alan J. Poole.

Dan Klein Associates
43 Hugh Street,
London. SW1V 1QJ.
Tel: 00 44 (0)20 7821 6040.
Fax. 00 44 (0)20 7834 2480.
Email: alanjpoole@aol.com
Website: www.dankleinglass.com


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