The third person for you to meet from Fourseven is Holly Jackson, from Kelynn Pottery. Here she tells us about her background.
My first employment from leaving school (1977/78) was as apprentice decorator at the now famous Troika Pottery in Newlyn.

I use the same H.J. monogram to mark my main pieces today that I did all those years ago.

My career was put on hold while I raised my three children and only after many years was it practical to follow the desire to learn ceramics.

I embarked on an evening class at the local Art School run by Christine Feiler and learned basic hand building and throwing techniques and then went on further to gain an AS level at Penwith College. The rest is self-taught and continually so.


I love experimenting with different techniques and styles which keeps my work varied and unique and now I create at home in The Shed, in the back garden of our little terraced house in Penzance. 

Most of my inspiration comes from the beautiful and rugged local scenery and beautiful wildlife of West Cornwall, which I'm out and about in most days with my 2 dogs Marmite and Minnie, Patterdale X Mother and Daughter team. 


Because I so love the area in which we live I decided to call my pottery Kelynn, which is the literal Cornish translation for Holly.


02/21/2013 2:26am

Love the write up. You forgot to mention that you are great at painting too. I love your eye for colour and the fact that you will tackle anything.


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