I discovered a passion for mosaics after digging up shards of china on my allotment; I used them to decorate pots because I felt that each piece held a secret history that shouldn’t be lost. I now search out broken china and delight in recycling it into new objects for the home and garden.

Working from my studio at Krowji, a creative community in Redruth, I make individually designed and handmade mosaics using recycled china, stained and tempered glass, millefiori and beads as well as conventional tesserae.


There are several stages to a mosaic and I find the process engrossing and satisfying.  Putting together a design is a bit like solving a puzzle!   

Inspiration for my work comes from everywhere - even a small shard of patterned china - and I particularly love creating personalised commissions and exhibition pieces.


06/28/2013 7:05am

Lovely work + so talented! X


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